Pteridine Prices and Data sheets
January 27, 2016


Please note that this website is continually updated and the price lists found here are always valid. Our price lists are not changed on a yearly basis but are valid from the date noted until further notice.
ADDITIONAL CHARGES SHIPPING: Schircks Laboratories pays shipping costs for products sent by normal air mail for all orders over USD 600.00. For orders less than USD 600.00 an additional USD 40.00 is charged. Courier charges (UPS) are paid by Schircks Laboratories for orders over USD 3,500.00. Please see our 'Ordering Guidelines'.
CUSTOM DUTY AND VAT: Customs duty or VAT (local taxes) are not included in our price. These costs vary between countries and must be paid in cash on receipt of the goods.


Please note as with other suppliers, the letters L and D in isomers are ignored as are threo, erythro and all numbers.


Products that are related chemically to each other can be found in the same group of product numbers e.g. biopterin related products from 11.203 on, folates from product no. 16.203 on and glutamic acids 16.802-16.806.

You may find it useful to use the 'Search' option to look for the compound of your choice on the pteridine price list.


LISTED AS AN EXCEL FILE  Products listed as an Excel file with CAS numbers.
STRUCTURAL FORMULAS AND DATA SHEETS Data sheets can also be found by going to PTERIDINES FOR LAB. USE, choosing either the alphabetical or product no. listing of pteridines and then clicking on the product number of your choice. Full data sheets are available for the following products* and short version data sheets (structural formula and HPLC conditions when appropriate) are given for the remaining products. 
*Products where full data sheet is available
Product no. s Product name
11.203, 11.218 Biopterin  
11.206 Dihydrobiopterin  
11.209-11.215 Tetrahydrobiopterin 
11.225 Sepiapterin 
11.303, 11.325 Neopterin 
11.306 Dihydroneopterin 
11.403 Pterin-6-carboxylic acid
11.418 Acetyl-6-formylpterin
11.420 6-Hydroxymethylpterin
11.421 6-Hydroxymethyl-7,8-dihydropterin hydrochloride
11.423 6-Hydroxymethyltetrahydropterin
11.438 6-Hydroxymethylpterin diphosphate
11.903 Pterin
16.113, 16.114 Pteroic acid, Dihydropteroic acid 
16.206 Dihydrofolic acid  
16.207-16.209 Tetrahydrofolic acid  
16.220-16.222, 96.220  5-Formyltetrahydrofolate
16.226 (6R,S)-5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate
16.235-16.236 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate
16.252-16.258 Pte-Glun
16.411 Methotrexate
16.412 and 16.417 APA-Glun
16.702 and 16.707 PABA-Glun
16.803 and 16.806 Glun

This website is continually updated and we will add more full data sheets as soon as they are prepared.

Disclaimer: The information in this publication is based on our current knowledge and experience. It does not relieve users or processors from carrying out their own precautions and tests.